The key concern of the Evidenz Foundation is the education and support of young people who face the challenges of our time with entrepreneurial spirit. People, willing to make a difference in the world, who shape society, and who do not lose sight of a healthy human development.

Since its foundation in 1993, first as an association called the "Evidenz­gesellschaft", the foundation has developed to be actively involved in project funding. At the core of this activity is the commitment to the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Other initiatives in anthroposophical contexts are supported as well.

This commitment was made possible by the donation of an entrepreneur. His goal was to educate young people in the broadest sense. He wanted them to become economically capable human beings who play an active role in society, so that they may enrich practical life experience in different areas of work with anthroposophical spiritual science.

The headquarters of the foundation are in Basel City in Switzerland. Its capital is invested in the form of investments, loans, and shareholdings, directly with institutions whose activities comply with the foundation's task.