The Evidenz Foundation would like to support people and initiatives that, inspired by the ideal of "putting the human being in the centre, " are willing to face the challenges of our time and develop entrepreneurial approaches; People and initiatives that go their own, original ways and contribute to raising awareness.

A project applying for our support should answer the following questions:
What is the primary impulse of the initiative?
To which extend does it address the challenges of our times?
How will the results/findings/products continue to make a difference, are they a source of inspiration for others?
Who are the people responsible for the project/initiative?
Is there any rigor visible in planning, implementation, and follow-up?
Are the costs presented clearly and is a realistic financial plan available, in which the project is not only based on a single funding source or remains financially dependent on the foundation?

The Evidenz Foundation does not fund pure research projects, nor does it contribute to the current budget of an institution. Furthermore, we do not offer scholarships or student loans.

For the evaluation of projects in specific areas of expertise, the Evidenz Foundation is in close contact with the sections at the Goetheanum, the School of Spiritual Science in Dornach near Basel, the Friends of Waldorf Education, and other partners. Especially for larger projects, the Evidenz Foundation works closely together with other foundations, trust agencies, and alternative banks.

You may apply for funding through the Evidenz Foundation without the need to follow any specific formalities. In addition to simple donations we also provide the opportunity to support an initiative with a loan or an investment. Due to the amount of requests, the Foundation reserves the right to reject any application without notice. The Foundation holds a monthly meeting to discuss applications.

Application submission

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